And You Are??

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, grew up there mostly. Also I have lived in Fayeteville AR, Salt Lake City UT, Norfolk VA, Socorro NM, and Red River NM. Now I am in Lafayette CO and loving life.

Jobs? I’ve worked as a busser, cook, plumber’s apprentice, concrete pumper, golf course maintainer, middle school janitor, fish cannery line worker, gas-pumper on a barge, mailman, backstage personnel, cab driver, newspaper deliverer, high school golf coach, ski lift operator, high school baseball coach, vending machine operator, and for the past 11 years a teacher of mathematics. Oh, and I spent a few years in the early ’90’s floating in the Persian Gulf as a member of the US Navy.
I have the best, most beautiful wife in the history 
of mankind Kristie, five amazing children (Madeleine 17, Briannah 13, Kade 11, Penelope 7 , and Ivy 4).

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