Do This Survey YO

Do this survey so that I can get your input on the iPads and such.  Talk about how you feel with the iPads in your hands, tell me what exactly turns you on about the iPads, tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. Don’t be afraid to get intimate, no one will judge you (except me, but I judge you already). Do you use the iPads to look at naughty pictures during class? I can tell you do. The way you look at me, the shame, but yet, the thrill of indulging in your favorite past time in front of your peer. We will record your answers to this survey for use when we take over the world.

SO Knotty

Classroom Lesson (225 points)

Lesson Plan Options from H&R Block

There’s a lot of points to gather here, but there are only 4 ready-made lessons, and it’s first come first serve. I have lessons that match the topics we are investigating in class, namely taxes, 401Ks, budgeting, and insurance (which we’ll get to). The lesson plan has a structure, notes, and resources, just needs a body to deliver it. There also is an activity to have the rest of the class to engage in to lose the lesson. If you choose to do this task, you’ll need to sit with me for approximately 10 minutes discussing the plan you’ll enact, and I’ll need to feel comfortable that you’ll be at least moderately successful, if not downright phenomenal. The class period also will need to be determined at least 2 days in advance (and it will be approximately a 45-minute lesson, so a normal class is preferred, but if it has to be on a block period, we’ll just adjust).


To complete:

1. Determine which lesson you’d like to present by perusing them all and choosing the one that best fits how you’d want to go about performing. Those plans are in the compressed folder at the top of this post.

2. Sit with me for ~10 minutes to discuss the plan, how you’ll go about doing the plan, with an introduction, body of the lesson, and closure being critical to the plan.

3. Write up the plan in a simple outline form for me to approve and we’ll choose the best day to do the lesson.

4. Actually teach the class!

4. Perform the lesson