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2 things I hope to get from the course:

1) I’d love to have it such that I’ve created a digital game that my students can utilize in the classroom. It would bring the classroom set of iPads I have even closer to home than they already are.

2) I have met (digitally) many other edtech Boise State students, and the value of communicating with these colleagues cannot be understated. There is a wealth of intellect and talent here, and each class I take I am the better for it from the other students.

 2 things I can offer the class:

Well, it seems I might be one of the few students that would prefer to learn iOS, so maybe a different look to a finished product? I truly have no experience in creating games, and I have never before the intro to this course heard of GameSalad, so I am in 100% learning mode. But on the bright side, I’ll be ‘that guy’ whose finished product is one for everyone else to use in comparison to gauge how their own finished product is looking. 🙂

Preferred platform:

Obviously I would prefer to use iOS, as the classroom set of iPads I have are something I’m planning on using for the next decade (maybe more).


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