Road Trip (200 points)

Road Trip


Step-by-Step Instructions:

You will design a road trip itinerary that requires the following:

  1. You must visit at least one of each of these items on their road trip; school/university, professional sports stadium, national park, local hot spot, and amusement park.
  2. Decide on the type of vehicle used for trip and report it’s estimated gas mileage.
  3. All travel must be completed within the time frame of 10 to 14 days.
  4. You cannot travel more than 10 hours in one day.

In groups of 2-3, you will use the computer to research and decide upon the 5 required destinations. Next you will decide the order in which you will visit the destinations, based on the mileage between them. Calculate how much driving time is required to visit all the destinations and develop an itinerary based on the 10 hour driving limit per day. If your trip cannot be completed within 14 days, you must adjust your destinations to be able to meet the travel restrictions, or stay overnight in a location between the scheduled destinations.

After you have developed an itinerary, you will need to search for lodging for each night of your trip. You may stay wherever you like, but the cost for each night must be included in your total costs.

Each day you will need to eat. Calculate the cost for breakfast, lunch and dinner of each day and total food cost. Where and what you eat is up to you.

Once all the required information is collected, be sure to calculate the following items:

  1. Total miles driven, miles driven each individual day and average miles per day
  2. Total gas cost, avg gas cost per day
  3. Cost for each attraction visited and total for all attractions
  4. Total food costs, cost of each meal and avg per day
  5. Total cost for accommodations, each day cost and avg per day
  6. Grand total of all costs for entire trip, total avg cost per day